Pin-Up Of The Week: Jayne Mansfield

Born Vera Palmer in 1933, Jayne Mansfield spent her short life cruelly-dubbed ‘the working man’s Marilyn’ for her shocking similarities to Monroe, both physically and personally.

Mansfield was a Pennsylvanian platinum blonde who worked her way up from Broadway star to Hollywood superstar and was the first major Hollywood actress to appear nude on film.

She was also known as the ‘smartest dumb blonde’ in Hollywood, with an IQ said to reach 163. She also spoke five languages and was a classically-trained pianist and violinist.

Like Monroe, she was perhaps better known for her turbulent private life, disastrous marriages, untimely death and was even alleged to have been romantically-involved with the Kennedy brothers.

On June 29, 1967 Mansfield (age 34), along with her boyfriend and a driver were tragically killed in a car crash in Tennessee.

Words by Clara Taylor