It’s hard to envision 1950s fashion without the swingdress (or the Rockabilly Dress, as it’s sometimes known) popping up!

Almost the pinnacle of women’s evening-wear during the Nifty Fifties, and well into the SWINGIN’ Sixties, the swingdress has yet to ever really go out of fashion.

We’ve continually been reminded of its retro coolness throughout the decades with it appearing in such films as Grease and Dirty Dancing, and is now a very popular design for bridesmaid dresses and wedding -wear.

Swingdresses were designed to accommodate the Rock N Roll youth of the 1950s, who loved nothing more than to bump n grind to the likes of Elvis, Fats and Buddy and the Crickets!

The wide skirt provided plenty of room for maneuver during dances in which the gal would be flung over her partner’s head or between his legs (ooh-er!). It also imposed the occasional cheeky underwear-flash. Very racy!

Words by Clara Taylor